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Welcome to The KoL Wiki.
Meat.gifYou gain 20,062 Meat.

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Hotstuff: Doh, yeah, a typo there.
CDMoyer: Ok, it shouldn't reset after finding 11 anymore. That was a leftover from when the tracking was limited per day.
CDMoyer: See, that's fair. ;)
CDMoyer: I mean. I half sympathize with your position.
CDMoyer: That would also change the result, moreso than having 2.

Today's Featured Article:

Disco Lives!

Disco lives, baby! New Wave came and went but disco is Unstoppable! Once disco starts, it can't stop - that's Disco Momentum! Follow these steps - hustle on down, boogaloo around, and finish with a modern spin. Everyone had better give you some room while you're doing your thing, or they're likely to end up blinded, smacked around, and, in extreme cases, stabbed in the face.

Only true Disco Bandits can handle the rigors of Disco Momentum. No one else on this planet can. There are rumors of beings from elsewhere who love disco as much as we do... but you're not likely to see them again. So put on your leisure suit, grab a drink, and get on the dance floor!

Today in KoL History:

2009: We've rolled out a new account menu feature that allows you to generate forum signature and avatar graphics that display various things about your character. Now you can tell the whole world about your awesome collection of goat cheese!

2008: Pastamancers get some love today. See this forum post for details.

2008: Accessories in your inventory are now always sorted by name, even if you've set equipment to sort by power.

2007: A couple of new skins and a handful of new smithing recipes have been added. Still yet more to come.

2007: Plural monsters should no longer screw up the grammar on skill usage or plastic pumpkin buckets.

2006: Mr Bill (#335599) completes the first ever one day ascension.

2005: I'm aware of the problems with the forums and images, and I'm working on getting them resolved right now.

2005: The Character Sheet now has links to manage your Mall store and your collection, if you've got a Mall store or a collection. Or both. Also, the name of the player who buffed you is now clickable in buff notifications, and takes you to that player's profile.

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